Business Process Management

The increased demands on business processes require successful companies to manage their workflow at maximum efficiency and with uncompromising reliability. The size and complexity of the tasks that must be performed require the use of modeling to define, measure and improve these processes. Successful companies take advantage of sophisticated modeling techniques to gain control over their workflow, enjoy cost savings and enhance the customer experience.

Cti Info Tec�s Business Process Management (BPM) services offer industry-leading experts who build rules-driven process applications to automate workflow and ensure repeatable success. Our BPM practice uses the PegaRULES Process Commander� (PRPC) suite of products to bring you leading-edge solutions in business processes. Forrester confirms that this suite �has the best platform in the BPM space and has capabilities that other BPM�s do not . . . Pega�s product is head and shoulders above other products . . . and is capable of more than all of the other products we evaluated.� Cti Info Tec�s Pega practice, led by a PRPC pioneer and supported by industry experts with unmatched BPM skills, allows firms to optimize their business process management systems.

Our knowledge of Pegasystems, the leader in BPM systems, provides customers with significant advantages. The formidable success of Pega implementation, with average revenue growth of 30% and cost reductions of 40%, are magnified by Cti Info Tec�s skill at integrating Pega with external systems and applications. This maximizes Straight Through Processing, further reducing costs and increasing process efficiency. This integration expertise extends to our skill at integrating Business Intelligence systems such as Cognos and Business Objects, with legacy systems. Such integration allows us to monitor trends and recommend changes to processes based on the predictive analytics coming from the Business Intelligence tools. It is this comprehensive approach to the use and integration of Pega rules systems that distinguishes Cti Info Tec . . . and allows our customers to gain a competitive advantage.

Once this marketplace edge has been achieved, Cti Info Tec�s mastery of Pegasystems provides you with the opportunity to create your own Pega Center of Excellence. We will use our depth of resources to help clients build their own centers of expertise, ultimately reducing your reliance on outside sources and enabling you to execute business-critical processes and maintain the highest levels of agility on an on-going basis. Our Pega experts will be readily available on an as-needed, consultative basis to meet your needs.

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