DataBlaze is powered by proven open source products:

  • Apache NiFi for Workflow Orchestration and Ingestion
  • Metadata Management and Governance using Apache Atlas
  • Security around the HDFS layer is being provided using Apache Ranger.

Features of the Products

DataBlaze, a domain driven data lake solution serves as a well-implemented strategic framework which caters to the needs of domain-specific data management and data processing challenges. Taking into consideration industry-specific vocabularies and specific thesauri of the relevant content, DataBlaze enables automatic tagging of enterprise content they are managing, at scale.

It works on Enterprise Specific Taxonomies and based on domain-specific taxonomies various data processing steps like data ingestion, data mining, data transforming, data munging and data curation are performed, therefore DataBlaze caters to the needs of various domains and serves with best practices.

Taxonomy Management

DataBlaze performs CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) actions i.e. users can do perform desired operations. Taxonomy Mapper maps taxonomy with HDFS. Taxonomy mapper depicts the path of data of the taxonomy term in HDFS layout.

Flow Management

Based on the data ingested and taxonomy mapped in source mapper, the workflow gets created and is managed by this module.Flow Management schedules workflow,perform data modification and data transformation.

Data Governance

DataBlaze uses Apache Atlas for data cataloging which therefore, provides scalable governance for Enterprise Hadoop. DataBlaze also manages metadata of sources in metadata management.

Data Storage

DataBlaze takes care of the complete process of storing data and curating data. Data Discovery which is a querying tool, fetches data from target system like HDFS using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Security and Admin

DataBlaze uses LDAP mechanism and ACTIV Directory integration for managing security provisioning. The product defines and manages user roles and permissions which safeguards the application from unauthenticated users.

Auditing and Dashboard

DataBlaze also performs audit actions within this framework. It examines and identifies actions and activities users perform. It maintains the track record of users’ activities and displays the same on the dashboard.

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